r2c referral program

The r2c Referral Program

Help us to spread the word and you can get rewarded

If you’re one of our many happy users then why not recommend us to a friend and get rewarded?

It’s so simple to do as well, refer a person or company and if they sign up we’ll give you £200 as a credit against your account.

There’s no limit to how many people you can refer, but please check the terms & conditions first, then you can get referring using the link below.

Send us the details

Simply fill in this two step form with your details and the details of the person you want to refer, and we’ll be in touch.

r2c Referral Program Terms & Conditions

  • £200 applied as a credit to our existing customers’ sage account
  • Paid after the referred customer signed a contract
  • To refer a friend you need to be a customer of R2C and your account must not be in arrears
  •  £200 pounds will applied as a credit to your existing sage account
  • No maximum referrals per contact
  • Referrals and recommendations should only come from sources know to or used by you.
  • By referring or recommending a business you acknowledge that they are or are likely to find the service offered by r2c to be relevant to their business.
  • Under no circumstances should referral details be sourced or “scraped” from internet or other publications.
  • In the event of a complaint from a referred business we reserve the right to provide details of who recommend them in order to demonstrate how we acquired their information.
  • We will continually review all referral activities and may refuse to pay any referral amounts where we believe or suspect a referrer has not acted in good faith or has acted in any way to deliberately mislead r2c.
  • The referral and recommendation program is not open to any employee of FLEETCOR of the FLEETCOR group of companies or any family members.