CO-OP Case Study

Transforming defect management in complex fleet and workshop operations.

The Co-operative’s food distribution department is split across eight regional distribution centres, with each one serving thousands of stores across the UK each day. To manage such a large operation, organised digital data and monitored fleet health is key.

Company Overview


Food Distribution




Core, Driver & Inspect

Fleet Size


Transport Manager

Alex Scott

The way things used to be

  • Distribution centres found themselves too busy for demanding manual admin tasks
  • Driver defect reports were handwritten and risked being late
  • Admin issues were affected by internal fleet communications

Problems they faced & how r2c solved them

  • Co-op have temporary staff so needed a user-friendly system that would not need excessive training – r2c is easy to use and only requires basic training
  • The system needed to be used flexibly across multiple sites – r2c is cloud-based so can be accessed easily from any location with an internet connection
  • Co-op needed a quick implementation – they took just 10 days to set up with r2c from start to finish.

The aim

  • Co-op wanted speedy defect management across the fleet, from driver through to completion in the workshop.

Additional benefits they’ve found

  • Over £21,000 in cost-savings per year
  • Digital vehicle file and real-time driver check reports reduced admin time significantly
  • Improved workshop productivity and efficiency

Alex Scott said:

“We have a vast, multi-layered and complex fleet. With vehicle defects and scheduled maintenance to take into account, r2c has effectively reduced our admin time. An overview of the current health of the fleet is right at your fingertips.

“Per year, we are saving £21,000 in labour time and paper costs. We chose r2c because the system is so user-friendly.

“We’re really impressed with r2c, they really listened to our needs and are consistently looking for ways to improve the system. Consequently, they were receptive to our operational demands and made changes that suited us. Their support team is next to none and are only an email or telephone call away.”

Per year, we are saving £21,000 in labour time and paper costs. We chose r2c because the system is so user-friendly."