C.S. Ellis Case Study

East Midlands-based logistics company, CS Ellis, has saved over 30 hours each week and experienced a range of additional benefits since joining the r2c Online compliance platform.

Company Overview


Logistics & Warehousing


Fleet & Workshop


Core, Driver & Inspect

Fleet Size


Number of Technicians


Transport Manager

Peter Turner

The way things used to be

  • Lack of visibility through manual admin processes.
  • Keeping on top of compliance across multiple depots was time-consuming.
  • Workshop processes solely relied on paperwork.

Problems they faced & how r2c solved them

  • Disparate compliance and maintenance data – r2c consolidates all their data in one place.
  • Multiple locations meant communication sometimes suffered – the r2c platform is cloud-based and updates in real-time so all users are now on the same page.
  • Technicians were hesitant about r2c at first – now they prefer digital over paper as its quicker and easier

The aim

  • CS Ellis wanted to centralise their compliance information, increase visibility and reduce admin time through the use of one online platform for both their fleet and workshop.

Additional benefits they’ve found

  • Time savings of over 30 hours a week.
  • Driver checks are now completed on time and with the transport department instantly.
  • Ease of control across their fleet and workshop.

Peter Turner said:

“Before our partnership with r2c, we experienced a lack of clear visibility across the business due to manual admin processes, and keeping on top of compliance across our four depots had become both inefficient and time-consuming.”

“Our workshop was completely paper-based too, so the transition to digital felt like a big move and the partner had to be right for us. After extensive market research by our IT team, r2c was the obvious choice for us as the platform centralises all of our data in one place, including all of our driver checks and maintenance records. They’ve supported us to make the entire transition as smooth as possible, and now you couldn’t pay us to go back to paper.”

“Now, the entire team, from operator to driver to technician, can collaborate online with real-time updates which is priceless. Ultimately, we’re reducing our vehicle downtime, so we can continue to provide the leading logistics service we’ve worked hard to uphold over the past 85 years.”

Now, the entire team, from operator to driver to technician, can collaborate online with real-time updates which is priceless."