Uttlesford District Council case study

Uttlesford District Council goes paperless with r2c and never looks back

Uttlesford District Council was ready to go digital to centralise their compliance information, increase visibility and reduce admin time through the use of one online platform for both their fleet and workshop. After seeing the r2c technology in action, they chose a number of r2c solutions to keep all operations under control and reach a new level of compliance excellence.

Company Overview


Public sector


Fleet & workshop


Fleet Size

Fleet & Operations Manager-Environmental Services

Danny Johnson

The way things used to be

“I can still remember the nightmare of having paper everywhere, along with huge schedules and plans on the walls that looked overwhelming. Unsurprisingly my team hated how inefficient and time-consuming it was, so when I finally decided it was time for us to go digital, everyone was on board from day one”.

Problems they faced & how r2c solved them

“I shopped around and asked my colleagues in the industry for solutions and after reviewing several options, I got to see how a real workshop is managed with r2c.

The level of transparency that the r2c software provided and the capabilities that came with it were so impressive, I immediately made my mind up to roll out the system at Uttlesford District council. Since then we’ve expanded significantly and invested into other r2c modules, such as Driver Defect module for driver pre-use checks and i2i for digital invoicing”.

“Tracking our KPIs is very important for us which is why I use the r2c business intelligence tools and the insights they provide are outstanding.

I have full visibility of all the costs associated with scheduled and unscheduled downtime, labour and parts, which takes the headache out of reporting and planning for a year ahead”.

The aim

“When you think about the amount of responsibility that comes with a Transport Manager job, it becomes pretty clear that you can’t rely on a paper-based system. Your drivers and their working hours, all the maintenance tasks and the whole compliance of your fleet depend on you, so you need to stay informed, up-to-date and be able to make appropriate decisions, something that a paper-based admin struggles to cover”.

Additional benefits they’ve found

“Given in part to the level of control that the r2c platform has provided us, I’ll be soon applying for the Earned Recognition scheme to become an Exemplar operator. I’m confident that passing the audit will be much easier thanks to the r2c technology, as a DVSA auditor can gain access to our maintenance history as far back as they need to go”.


Danny Johnson,  Fleet & Operations Manager-Environmental Services

“Getting back to normality may not be as straight-forward as we hoped, but with the r2c technology we don’t depend on how and where we work anymore. Now that we are digital, we can look at our compliance records from anywhere – home, office or car. My team remains connected and instantly updated and our maintenance schedule is available online. This means that even if life doesn’t go back to normal as soon we’d like, we’ll be okay; compliance of our fleet and performance of our workshops will not be at risk thanks to r2c”.

If life doesn’t go back to normal as soon we’d like, we'll be okay; compliance of our fleet and performance of our workshops will not be at risk thanks to r2c.