Case Studies

We’ve helped thousands of fleets and workshops save stacks of time and money. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s a selection of case studies from r2c Online users.

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Whistl Case Study

“If your business wants online visibility of your entire fleet, r2c online is the platform to be on.”

Walkers Transport Case Study

“…research has shown that with r2c Online they are saving 20 minutes per inspection and reduced the cost of defect repairs…”

Sugarich Case Study

“We’re looking forward to seeing even more benefits with r2c as the platform continues to evolve at a rapid rate.”

Middlebrook Transport Case Study

“Duplication of work is now being prevented, which alone saves us over £3,000 a year, let alone all of the costs we’ve cut in time savings.”

LG Perfect Case Study

“Before r2c we’d spend 2 hours a day just chasing missed inspections. Now we don’t need to make those phone calls, which alone is saving more than one day per week…”

Hoban Transport Case Study

“r2c makes everything run smoothly; we can manage all maintenance issues via the system and the support services are brilliant.”

Hendy Van & Truck Case Study

“Technicians are a valuable resource and their time is paramount to business efficiencies, so we feel our workshop has really benefited with r2c.”

GRS Roadstone Case Study

“…. it really was a no-brainer. Since using r2c, I have reduced my workload by approximately 30 percent.”

C.S. Ellis Case Study

“Now, the entire team, from operator to driver to technician, can collaborate online with real-time updates which is priceless.”

B. I. Halder Case Study

“We’ve already recommended r2c to our external supply chain and other fleets as we feel the industry needs to be doing this. It’s a natural progression and helps bring fleets into the 21st century.”

Bertschi Case Study

“r2c Online is such a valuable tool for us. Not only it is easy to use, but it’s cost effective and simple. Our team picked it up straight away….”

B&M Case Study

“It’s simply spot on – everyone should be on this platform.”

Allan Morris Case Study

“With r2c, our defects are reported live through the system and we’re notified if they aren’t completed in time. Ultimately, it’s reduced our vehicle downtime – we’ve saved over £20,000 a year for the past five years…”