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    "We'd happily recommend to any business that if they want online visibility of their entire fleet, r2c Online is the platform to be on."

    UK postal services provider, Whistl, has noted a 50% overall reduction in time spent on compliance paperwork and administration since adopting the web-based maintenance management system, r2c Online, across all seven distribution centres.

    With over 6,000 customers and 4 billion items processed each year, Whistl collect, sort, send and transport over 26% of all addressed UK mail. To keep up with increasing volumes, Whistl turned to r2c Online to enable them to manage the compliance and maintenance of their fleet of 500 trucks and trailers, from a single cloud-based system.

    While the r2c Online platform has only been in place a matter of months, Whistl National Fleet Manager, Baz Barrett, has already observed significant time savings. He explains: “We began rolling the system out in January 2016 and already time spent on paperwork has been cut by half. No paperwork is lost and no files are missing. We just have one easy-to-use platform where we can see it all, with no excuses!”

    Mark Broad, Transport Manager at Whistl’s Warrington depot, described what the platform meant for his operation of 27 trucks and 35 trailers: “Before r2c Online we would spend 30 minutes per vehicle inspection updating our files and we could easily lose two hours a week chasing repair vendors for paperwork. We now spend no more than ten minutes per inspection and receive paperwork electronically. Our schedule is up-to-date and the time savings made mean no inspection, audit or documentation is missed.”

    With 15,000 fleets and 800 workshops using the system throughout the UK, r2c Online is connecting the entire transport industry – operators, repairers and fleet management companies – via a single online platform. It is a goal which is shared by Whistl, as Baz Barrett concluded, “Our aim is to have all seven depots entirely paperless by the end of 2017. To support this, the use of r2c Online will be written into our service level agreements with external repair agents”.

    He continued: “From company director downwards, everyone has been very happy with the r2c Online product. We work alongside suppliers who also use the system and that in turn makes our job that much easier. We ultimately want everyone on it! We would happily recommend to any business that if they want online visibility of their entire fleet, r2c Online is the platform to be on.”