Fleet Health

Get a clean bill of health for your fleet.

We know that when work is so busy, it’s easy to miss the warning signs that all is not entirely well.

At r2c, we’re a leading provider of connected software platforms for vehicle compliance and maintenance management, with more than 100,000 users in over 63,000 fleets, and with 1,600 workshops around the UK.

So we’ve seen every symptom in the book, and also diagnosed and help cure those problems too.

We can undertake a health check of your fleet operation, to flag up any underlying issues that suggest more serious conditions, and also help you get your fleet a clean bill of health.

Have you got these symptoms?

Sluggish recovery

Are your downtime procedures confused, and notification of problems is too slow? Make sure workshops always have the right parts and enough capacity, and the information you’re working with is accurate.

Congested compliance

How complete are your records, and are they collated and stored in a logical, easy-to-access way?  Ensure processes for remaining compliant, from driver checks to safety certificates, are all in place.

Regular break downs

Are certain vehicles, parts or systems failing a lot, and why? If there are trends which cause regular breakdowns you need to identify them to save money, and reduce downtime.

Budgets are busted

Do you find that work costs more than you planned for? It might be down to ineffective process and cost control, or you’re paying too much for parts and labour.

Health Check

How do I get my free r2c fleet health check?

If you look after a large fleet and would like a free health check to make sure you don’t have any underlying issues then fill out this form and we’ll help keep your business in fine fettle.