Powerful Collaborative Software

To streamline your fleet and workshop network.

Our core platform is the nucleus that connects your entire supply chain. Use it to collaborate with your repair network for all things compliance and maintenance, and receive a full overview of how your fleet is performing on one interactive dashboard.

Digital Document Library

Benefit from a safe, tamper-proof and transparent record of all documentation, providing you with a robust online service history of all activities and transactions for one version of the truth.

Smart Scheduling

Share, collaborate and manage live events with a complete maintenance schedule for your fleet. Automatic reminders and a traffic light system ensure you never miss an inspection.

Defect Management

Seamlessly manage defects from driver check through to completion in the workshop with instant safety defect and compliance breach alerts, for minimised vehicle off-road time.

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If you are unsure about which product would suit you best, feel free to ask our friendly experts!

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r2c has effectively reduced our admin. Financially, we're saving £20,000 a year in labour time."

Alex Scott, Transport Compliance Manager


And so much more...

Including defect management, smart scheduling and network management. To find out more or request a full feature list, just fill in our contact form and one of our advisors will be in touch shortly!