New update available!

Streamlined Stock Management

For smart workshop efficiency.

The updated version has a number of new features to help fleets and workshops speed up the supply of parts and optimise fleet usage during the ongoing shortages.

The module has also been improved to provide Dealer & Workshop Groups with a high-level view of linked workshops’ inventory, allowing centralised control and management.


Improved visibility of the stock movement

Make informed decisions based on improved visibility of your stock movement: from planned events to completed tasks, including future demand on inventory and part consumption. Enjoy greater control over your stock with parts marked as ‘reserved’, ‘discontinued’ and 'superseded'.


Add new suppliers in a matter of minutes

with the new catalogue import tool that allows quick and easy supplier onboarding to help you stay on top of frequent price changes.


Live comparisons of multiple suppliers’ stocks

Speed up the time it takes to get your customers' vehicles back on the road by picking suppliers based on their stock availability, prices and delivery times.

Smart stock control

Assess current stock levels and review your order history to make informed purchasing decisions. Using the online supplier contact file, you can order parts with digital ease too.

Smooth shop operations

Collaborate with your workforce by allocating jobs according to parts availability. Manage customer demand to optimise stock levels on your shelves as well as maximising the revenue it generates.

And so much more...

The r2c platform provides you with the toolkit for efficient fleet and workshop management with instant ROI. We’ve made it as easy as possible to get started, so what are you waiting for?