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    Keeping your vehicles moving

    It’s not enough anymore to be great at what you do. In a World where instant communication is almost becoming too slow you need tools that allow you to exchange information in real time. But you don’t have any more time to do this. That’s where Uptime can help, automating much of the communication required between parties when a vehicle is under repair and providing prompts and chases at critical points in the cycle.

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    • Fleet Automation Made Easy
      With Uptime, keeping everyone on the same page is simple. Our fleet automation tool frees you to focus on doing your work, developing your business and getting the vehicle back on the road.

    • Happy Supply Chain
      Nobody’s time is being wasted and all parties are kept on the same page with real-time information and communication, providing one version of the truth and - most importantly - great supply chain relationships.

    • Strip Out Costs & Inefficiencies
      Automatic chases and push notifications keep your vehicles moving and minimise your downtime, eradicating admin tasks along the way.

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    The r2c platform has been designed to give you instant ROI, providing the toolkit for efficient fleet and workshop management. We’ve made it as easy as possible to get started, so what are you waiting for?

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    "Before R2C we’d spend 2 hours a day just chasing missed inspections. Now we don’t need to make those phone calls, which alone is saving more than one day per week..."

    "Gone are the days of lost inspection sheets and customers requesting extra copies. All paperwork is electronically stored as soon as a job has been completed. Customers are telling us they are particularly pleased with the option to access their information through the internet and by email, allowing them to accept and change their bookings without hassle."

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    "The efficiency improvements we have achieved with the system are why we have decided to roll it out across all our depots..."

    "r2c have done what they said they would do and more. It wasn’t just a case of giving us the system to use and then leaving us to it. The people at r2c have been there with us from the start, helping our staff get used to a completely different way of working. This and the ease of use of the system has enabled a very smooth and quick transition as we rolled it out at each of our depots."

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    "r2c Online delivers over 73 hours a month of productivity gains."

    "Over and above the productivity gains and admin savings experienced, one of the main benefits we have seen has to be the simplicity of the design. r2c is transparent with simple stages of work progress with all digital inspection work flows now tailored exactly as we need, allowing full and detailed reports of our vehicles."

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