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    Connected franchise networks for unbelievable customer service

    Managing a distribution network is a big task. To reap significant rewards, you need to ensure high levels of customer service are aligned with a uniform experience. Our online compliance software gives you the consistent business process tools you need to communicate across the network in real time.

    By having optimum visibility, transparency and intelligence, you rapidly improve your offering of a quality-assured customer service experience - something that will differentiate you from competitors. With r2c, you can manage your network centrally, ensure consistent business processes and see live data on your networks performance.

    Core Product

    Accelerate away from the lights with uniform standards across your dealer network, driving up customer service levels and leaving the competition behind.

    In a nutshell

    • Banish Paperwork
    • Get Connected With Entire Supply Chain
    • Collect Real-Time Fleet Data


    Pull out into the fast lane with i2i and revolutionise the way you price, authorise and process maintenance work on your vehicles.

    In a nutshell

    • Scrap Paper Invoicing
    • Accurate & Speedy Maintenance Authorisations
    • Work On The Move With i2i App

    Vantage Point

    Put the roof down and see clearly across your entire fleet with our visually rich business intelligence that answers questions just as fast as you can think of them.

    In a nutshell

    • Business Intelligence At Your Fingertips
    • Unique DVSA KPI Dashboard
    • Peer-To-Peer Ranking


    Fill up your tank and get your vehicle back on the road with Uptime Management. Automated updates, prompts and chases ensure you can sit back and take in the view.

    In a nutshell

    • Minimise Vehicle Downtime With Fleet Automation
    • Real-Time Data & Communication
    • Strip Out Costs & Inefficiencies
    "Scheduling one or a multi diversified fleet is now a breeze with the system."

    "Our engineers now have a complete view of every vehicle’s vital performance data enabling us to provide a dynamic response from within production to any issues which arise in the field. All countries are effectively tied together and the platform has brought us closer to our customers and better able to resolve any problems as they occur."

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