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Are you making the most of the r2c system?

The r2c platform is intuitive and easy to use but also sophisticated and full of little-known features that are often overlooked or underutilised. Which means you might be missing out on some quick wins that could really boost your productivity and help your business thrive.  

To help you find work-arounds for your specific situations and improve and refresh your overall knowledge of the r2c platform, we invite you to join our full-day onsite group sessions, full of hands-on training and pro tricks and tips. 

All the training sessions are designed and run by Craig Thomas, lead trainer here at r2c Online. With over 20 years of teaching experience and an exceptional in-depth knowledge of the platform, he’ll be able to answer your questions and talk you through all the key shortcuts and free components that the platform has to offer.   

Course Information & Book Online

CourseDatesPriceView Programme
Fleet Operator27/09/2022£495 + VAT Download Programme Click to enquire Click to Book
Workshop Training28/09/2022£495 + VAT Download Programme Click to enquire Click to Book