John Pearce Glynneath Ltd

John Pearce Glynneath Ltd is a family-run transport and warehousing company which has just celebrated its 50th anniversary. It operates throughout south and west Wales, in addition to operations across the UK, Ireland and Europe. As well as transportation and warehousing, it also operates its own in-house workshop facility.

Company Overview


General haulage and warehousing





Fleet Size

170 units, including tractor units, rigids, forklifts. Vehicle range from 3.5-tonne to 44-tonne.

Managing Director

Clive Davies

The way things used to be

Prior to signing with r2c in 2018, John Pearce Glynneath Ltd was generating vast amounts of paperwork from its operations, resulting in a heavy flow of paperwork from its workshop to the transport managers. The business decided to change and set about streamlining communication between its various departments.

Problems they faced & how r2c solved them

To reduce the amount of paperwork being generated, John Pearce Glynneath Ltd adopted r2c’s Workshop Core and Inspect software, alongside issue2invoice. With the introduction of tablet devices across the business this meant that all driver pre-checks could be carried out digitally and fed through in real-time to the workshop and transport managers, allowing more efficient scheduling and defect management applications.

The aim

John Pearce Glynneath Ltd is aiming to achieve Earned Recognition status and has recently adopted r2c’s Exemplar Operator package, comprising Operator Core, Driver Pre-use Check App and Vantage Point. These systems work together to give transport operators all of their compliance data in a single, easy accessible location, gives ‘early warning’ alerts about any potential compliance breaches before the DVSA is notified, shares all audit data with the DVSA to show safety and legal requirements are being met, and also ensure minimised vehicle off-road time thanks to fewer DVSA roadside inspections and enforcement visits.

Additional benefits they’ve found

Some employees are more wary of new tablet reporting technology than others, so John Pearce Glynneath Ltd has developed a touchscreen training module, incorporating warehouse safety guidance, tail-lift work and in-cab training. Key to the success of this module is familiarity – all aspects of the training are based on operations at the business’ West Glamorgan base, giving staff extra confidence and making them less wary of the technology. In addition, all new employees have to go through the training modules as part of their induction process.

Clive Davies, Managing Director

“Earned Recognition status is something we are very keen on attaining and r2c’s software is going to help us get there. There’s no requirement for us to do this, it’s just our way of showing that we’re aiming as a business to be as good as we can be. We will keep trying to improve as that can only be good for our business in the long term.”

The software and support from r2c has been good, and as we get more staff on to the system then we will really start to see the full benefits of the technology.