Earned Recognition: One Year On

It’s been just over a year since DVSA’s Earned Recognition scheme was launched, with 7% of the UK HGV fleet now on board. This group of ‘blue’ compliant operators currently consists of 96 operators with 240 licences.

To take part in the scheme, operators have needed to prove their compliance through the use of a digital system that can measure their compliance through agreed KPIs. r2c Online is approved as a IT system for the DVSA scheme, helping a number of operators achieve Earned Recognition status through proactive compliance management through the r2c platform and support services.

Speaking to Motor Transport editor Steve Hobson last month, Marian Kitson, Director of Enforcement at DVSA said, “At the roadside we mark them as blue and we don’t stop their vehicles unless we see something that is an immediate safety hazard. We have more assurance with Earned Recognition operators [thank with a green OCRS] because we get the monthly update to tell us everything is being maintained properly – it is an extra level of assurance and it is an elite scheme.

“We will work with anybody who wants to meet the standard. We would love to work with the industry to promote Earned Recognition further. In my poll, 15% of operators said they were ready and 30-40% said they were nearly ready. If I could get 20% of the fleet in Earned Recognition in the next 12 months that would send a message to the whole industry. It also sends a message to the businesses who we want to look for an Earned Recognition operator.”

To read the full Motor Transport article, click here.

To request a copy of r2c’s white paper on achieving Earned Recognition, click here.

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