Connected Workshop Management Software

For boosted efficiency and customer service.

Accelerate business productivity with Exemplar Workshop, the only best practice package that creates, stores and manages all your data in one place. It’s cloud-based, easy to use and designed specifically to take your workshop paperless.

Workshop maintenance management

Revolutionise your workshop efficiency by connecting your technicians with everyone else through our digital job management system. Collaborate with your customer network and monitor your workshop performance from a high level operational view down to the details on a job by job basis.

Stock Management

Streamline your stock management using real-time control dashboards and smart QR codes. Instantly order parts from your supplier network based on real-time intelligence of your workshop needs, with automatically adjusted stock records and alerts.

Workshop Loading

Optimise your resources and manage your workload smartly for a more profitable workshop. Dynamic task assignment and job status views keep you in the know, while savvy maintenance activity reports let you continuously improve your workshop loading balance.

Digital Invoicing

Create professional e-invoices for your customers quickly and easily, with customisable fields to easily capture the sales data of each job you complete. Record in the secure digital document file for a complete audit trail of your workshop output.

Electronic job sheets

Remove the need for paperwork and digitise any workflow process. Now you can input inspection, service and repair data directly into your tablet or PC.

Digital service sheets

Electronic, tamper-proof service records, automatically quality checked and archived into an online vehicle file which is available online 24/7 and accessible from anywhere.

This is a game-changing platform that lets repairers work more efficiently to ensure maximum uptime for the customer."

Derek Leech, Aftermarket Sales Director

Renault Trucks

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