Whether you’re big or small we’ve got everything you’ll ever need to help manage your fleet or workshop. We know everyone is different, so our platform lets you customise a solution to suit.

Core production

Eliminates paperwork & connects your supplier network through our digital platform - so that you can optimise your fleet compliance & management processes.

Driver pre-use check

Pre-Use Checks, just not as you know them. Save time every day and enhance fleet compliance with our driver checks on mobile devices.


Revolutionise your maintenance authorisation and invoicing with our web-based tool. A solution that massively reduces admin time & cuts costs.

inspect - tech assist

Take the hard work out of job management with our user-friendly vehicle safety inspection system that changes the way you manage regulatory inspections.

vantage point

Our sophisticated business intelligence system allows you to start answering questions just as fast as you can think of them.

stock management

Streamline your stock management using real-time control dashboards and smart QR codes.

workshop loading

Optimise your resources and manage your workload smartly for a more profitable workshop.

Integrations and apis

Integrate your favourite solutions with r2c Online. With our suite of APIs, pulling your r2c data into your own environment for analysis purposes is fast, simple and seamless. Talk to us about our SOAP and REST API capabilities.

Not sure which product fits? Feel free to ask our friendly experts!

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